Monthly Archiv: December, 2008

Special Holiday Tempest Block Draft.

Happy Holidays from Collectibles Unlimited!

We are hosting a special holiday Tempest block draft.

Format: TEMPEST BLOCK (1 tempest, 1 stronghold, 1 exodus)
Start Time: Noon
End Time: When Finished
Price: $30.00 (includes dinner)
Prize: We will backdraft the rares in order of finish. Plus many random prizes through out the day. (playmats,booster packs,lotus sleeve boxes, From the Vault Dragons set, ect.)

Info: We will be drafting in pods with crossing pods in rounds 4+. I have 36 draft sets. It will be on a pre-register first come first served basis. When all 36 are taken the event signups will be closed. All product is from a sealed box of each set. Please contact Micahel for any questions email: phone: (603) 228-3712