Games day 10/30/10

Game Days are the first opportunity for you to play Standard on a global
scale with the newest cards. They immerse you in the storyline of the new set,
and give you the opportunity to win preview cards from the next Magic
set, Mirrodin Besieged!

Where Can I Play?

Game Days are happening worldwide on October 30-31! 

What Happens There?

Game Days are Standard format. The tournament will be Swiss-style, with the
top 8 players after the Swiss rounds advancing to the single-elimination finals.
In the case of an event with 16 players or less, only the top 4 will advance.
Where necessary, the standings after the Swiss rounds will be used to determine
final order in the standings.

In the case of an event with exactly 8 players, there will be three Swiss
rounds with no single-elimination cut.

What Do I Get?

All participants receive an exclusive Memnite promo card (while supplies
last). The top 8 players each receive an exclusive full-art Tempered Steel promo
card. The cards are awarded to the Top 8 players even if the tournament cuts
only to the top 4.

The top 2 finishers with Mirran-affiliated decks receive a Peace Strider
preview card from Mirrodin Besieged, and the top 2 finishers with
Phyrexia-affiliated decks receive a Pierce Strider preview card! This is in
addition to any top 8 prize cards you might win for their overall event

Selected top 8 decks and all Game Day winners will also be featured on

What Does an “Affliated Deck” Mean?

All cards in Scars of Mirrodin are watermarked with either a Mirran or
Phyrexian symbol to represent the card’s affiliation. You can build your Game
Day deck to be affiliated with one of the two sides; this makes you eligible to
win the Mirrodin Besieged preview cards. (Having an affiliated deck is
not required for Game Day; you can play any Standard-legal deck you choose.)

An affiliated deck must have at least ten watermarked cards from its
affiliated faction in its main deck, and no watermarked cards from the opposing
faction in its main deck or sideboard. The deck must still be Standard-legal.