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A quick peek at the inside of the new Warhammer rulebook!


Spearhead: latest news Spearhead is a new Expansion for Warhammer 40,000, and you’ll find all the rules and information you need to start playing in June’s issue of White Dwarf. And from Tuesday 1st of June rules for the various spearhead units will be available for you to download from www.games-workshop.com. There you go: an […]

‘Ard BOYZ Tournament

WELCOME TO THE ‘ARD BOYZ!This rules packet contains all the information neededto participate in the rough and tumble world of ‘ArdBoyz Tournaments.Note about Judges, Rulz and being a GitAll participants be advised: all judges rulings are final.This applies to rulings during games as well as allmatters of health and safety.‘Ard Boyz tournaments are all about […]

Coming in July

New Edition of the Warhammer rules set due in stores July!

Blood Angels Launch; Blood Angels Models

After yesterday’s fun to celebrate April fools day (just in case there are any lingering doubts we aren’t releasing an ‘Eavy Metal Spray Gun!) we are back to reality on What’s New Today… For the past few weeks everyone has been holding their breath in anticipation of the Blood Angels launch. So far everyone has […]

New White Dwarf Now Available

The Host of Angels The Blood Angels strike into the heart of battle, rending foe with chainsword and bolter. But they are a Chapter cursed – the question is will they die with honour in battle or succumb to the dreaded Flaw? Find out more in this issue. Riders of the RiddermarkRohan are truly the […]

Inside this Month’s White Dwarf

Inside this Month’s White Dwarf Features Mechanised Fury – Tread-heads rejoice! Adam Troke is tasked to find out all about the new mechanised Imperial Guard, Space Marine and Ork reinforcements. Reinforcements – Mat Ward presents rules for using the new Rohan and Isengard Heroes in the Strategy Battle Game. The Fortress of Isengard – Under […]