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Archive for December, 2010

FNM Results 12/17/10

The winner of last night tournament was Brendan O’Donnell posted below is the winning deck list. # In Deck                                                       Card Name 3                                                                     Gideon Jura2                                                                     Elspeth Tirel4                                                                     Spreading Seas3                                                                     Condemn4                                                                     Preordain2                                                                     Journey to Nowhere4                                                                     Mana Leak2                                                                     Stoic Rebuttal3                                                                     Day of Judgment4                                                                     Jace the Mindsculptor4                                                                     Squadron Hawk3                                                                     Seachrome Coast4                                                                     Celestral Collonade4                                                                     Glacial Fortress1                                                                     Halimar Depths1                                                                     Misty Rainforest1                                                                     […]

Magic results for 12/1/10

The winners of Wednesday’s draft was Adam Burr-Mecum! # in Deck:                   Card Name:1                                 Kemba Skyguard1                                 Soliton3                                 Stoic Rebuttal1                                 Ghalma’s Warden1                                 Arrest1                                 Aurioh Sunchaser1                                 Scrapdriver Serpent2                                 Silver Myr2                                 Giant Hawk1                                 Memnile1                                 Golem Artisan1                                 Neuroh Invisimanner1                                 Bonds of Buuchsolver1                                 GlimmerPoint Stag1                                 Copper Myr1                                 Myr Smith1                                 Rust Tick1                                 Perilous Myr1                                 Revoke Existence9                                 Plains8                                 Island

Magic results for 11/26/10

Sorry for the delay guys we have been experiancing technical issues which have now been resolved so here are the results for the tournament that took place 11/26/10 In first place was Brendan O’Donnell # in Deck:                   Card Name:2                                 Mimic Vat2                                 Sun Titan2                                 Baneslayer Angel2                                 Gideon Jura4                                 Jace the Mind Sculptor4                                 Condemn2                                 Journey to […]